Hi There!

My name is Dino and I’m a Software Engineer based in Lisbon, Portugal 🇵🇹

I’m currently working at Bounce, but I’ve previously worked at Remote ,Onfido and Unbabel.

Although in my past experiences I’ve mainly worked with Python I’m now heavily invested in using Elixir, which I’ve been loving so far!
In my free time I do like to mess around with synthesizers and music related stuff, I also like to read and to surf when the time allows it.

Finally, I’m currently an Elixir mentor at Exercism, which does help me to get better at explaining concepts and ideas to other people, it also forces me to reinforce some learnings because you want to make sure you’re not giving incorrect information to the people whose solution you’re reviewing! Overall it’s a very rewarding experience!

Where to find me

Feel free to find me in any of these platforms!